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SAL counts on the community to make our work possible in many different ways. If you have been inspired by a SAL event or moved by our Writers in the Schools program, please consider joining us to help make our ongoing work possible in one of the following ways. It takes a village to make our programming possible, and we would love your help!

Support SAL 

Volunteer / Intern - SAL is always looking for qualified volunteers and interns. Please read the overviews below and link to the application forms by clicking on the job titles in red.

More - As staff positions and internships open up, we will post them here.

SAL Volunteer

Overview: Join the biggest little book club in Seattle! Behind the scenes at SAL is a corps of dedicated volunteers who contribute their time to ensure we meet our mission of sparking imaginations and bringing together people and ideas. We have a host of areas that you can get involved in and experience the literary world. Volunteers do many things from ushering at our events, to assisting with mailings and other administrative tasks, to working on our annual Words Matter Benefit.

SAL Intern

Overview: Internships for academic credit are available, as well as for non-credit experience, depending on your interests, needs, and school guidelines. All internships are non-paid. If you are interested, please review our Internship guidelines and details.

See guidelines for details.

WITS Intern

Overview: We are looking for an intern to assist with all the work of implementing the Writers in the Schools (WITS) literary arts education program—from the classroom, to publications, to the behind the scenes work that makes WITS possible! 

WITS Student
A WITS student from View Ridge Elementary School reads his newly published work at the Book Launch. Photo by Libby Lewis
“Thank you for providing this rich cultural, spiritual, and artistic experience.”
-- Literary Arts Series Patron