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TopWhen can I purchase subscriptions/tickets?
Typically, subscriptions go on sale when a new season is announced. Single ticket sales follow in a couple of months and remain on sale throughout the season. Check the Subscriptions & Tickets page for the most up-to-date information.

TopWhere and how can I purchase subscriptions/tickets?
♦    Online at
♦    By phone at 206.621.2230 from 10am to 4pm, Monday through Thursday; 10am to 3pm, Friday (Summer: 10am to 1pm, Friday)
♦    By mail at 205 S Findlay St. Seattle, WA 98108
♦    In person at 205 S Findlay St. Seattle, WA 98108, during regular business hours (please call before you come to ensure someone will be available to assist you)

TopCan I avoid the $5 handling fee?
SAL waives the handling fee on series subscriptions. The fee is also waived on additional ticket orders for subscribers (by phone only) throughout the season. All other orders will require a $5 per-order handling fee (including in-person purchases at SAL’s offices).

TopWhat payment methods are accepted?
SAL accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), cash, and checks.

TopCan I return tickets?
Tickets and subscriptions are non-refundable; all sales are final.

TopI can’t use my tickets, what can I do?
Is there a friend or family member who would be able to attend in your place? You may give the ticket to whomever you’d like. If you cannot find anyone to use the ticket, you can donate it back to SAL. We will send a "receipt of charitable donation" form indicating a donation in the amount of the value of the ticket, as long as the ticket is received prior to the event.

TopI lost my tickets, what can I do?
Call our Box Office at 206.621.2230 x10 or go to the Box Office when you arrive at the event, and staff will be able to assist you.

TopWhen will my tickets be mailed?
Typically, we mail series subscription tickets in late summer. Once the season begins, tickets ordered one week prior to an event will automatically be held at Will Call to be picked up the evening of the event. If you select the mail option more than one week prior to the first event for which you’re ordering tickets, they will be mailed within approximately 10 days of your order.

TopCan I reserve tickets and pay for them later?
You can place an order and then send payment to us, but tickets are not guaranteed until payment has been received for your order.

TopWhat does “general admission” mean?
General admission means that seating is first-come, first-served, within the section your ticket is located.

TopDoes SAL offer student, group, or senior discounts?
SAL offers $5 Student/U18 tickets for all public SAL events. The tickets will be available at the Box Office the evening of the event. Student identification is necessary. For tickets to be mailed Student ID's may be faxed or scanned to us prior to the event.

SAL does not offer a senior discount per se, but we do offer affordable $15-$20 ticket options for all of our events.

A group discount of 15% is available for orders of five or more subscriptions or tickets at the same seating level for any series or event (excluding student levels and the annual Words Matter dinner). Discounts on single tickets will be automatically applied. Please contact the Box Office for further details about group discounts for subscriptions.

TopI didn’t receive an email confirming my web order.
If you did not receive an order confirmation email, we likely did not receive your order. Please contact us at This Link Requires Javascript or 206.621.2230, x10 to check on your order status.

TopI need venue directions and parking information.
Click here for information on directions and parking at SAL event venues.

TopWhat are the Box Office hours on event nights?
The Box Office opens at 6:00pm for all Literary\Arts Series, Poetry Series, and SAL Presents events and stays open until approximately one-half hour after the start of the event. For SAL U events, staff is available beginning at 6:30pm.

TopWhat time do the doors open to begin seating?
Auditorium doors open at 6:30pm for all of our programs.

TopIs there late seating at SAL events?
There is late seating allowed at SAL events. However, your seat is not guaranteed after the program has begun.

TopHow should I dress for a SAL event?
However you feel comfortable!

TopWhat is the format of the evening and is there an opportunity for me to ask a question or talk to the author?
Literary Arts Series and SAL Presents events are typically original talks or lectures; occasionally, we conduct onstage interviews with speakers or hold panel discussions. The Poetry Series typically features poets reading from their work (with the occasional lecture). At all events, the host generally moderates a Q&A between audience members and speakers. We encourage you to email us your questions in advance at This Link Requires Javascript, to post them on our Facebook page, or to use the Q&A cards available at the SAL lobby table or in your program during events. Simply pass your question to an usher at the end of the program. Please note that our Q&A period is limited; as much as we’d like to, it’s not possible to ask all the questions we receive. Beginning with the 13-14 season, all events will be followed by a book-signing where you can have your book signed and meet the author briefly. If you'd like to talk to the author in greater depth, you may consider becoming a Patron-level ticket holder. In addition to seating at the front of the hall, you are invited to pre-event receptions with the author.

TopCan I bring my camera to the event?
No, there is no photography or audio- or video-recording permitted at SAL events.

TopDo speakers sign books at events?
For all of the events in the Literary Arts Series and the Poetry Series, there will be book signings following the talks/readings. Local bookstore partners will also be selling pre-signed books at each event. We ask that patrons please be respectful of the authors' and other patrons' time and limit your signing selections to no more than 3 books.

TopAre there concessions available at events?
Concessions are available at all SAL events except SAL U classes.

TopIs there accessible seating at SAL events?
All of our venues have accessible seating available. Please contact us at This Link Requires Javascript or 206.621.2230 x10 for more details and to let us know you’re coming so we can better accommodate your needs.

TopAre assisted listening devices available at SAL events?
Yes! They are available at all of our venues. Please contact us in advance at This Link Requires Javascript or 206.621.2230 x10 for more information or assistance.

TopIs American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation provided at SAL events?
ASL interpretation is available with a minimum two-week advance notice. Please contact us at This Link Requires Javascript or 206.621.2230 to make arrangements.

TopIs captioning for the Significantly Hard of Hearing (SHOH) provided at SAL events?
Yes, SAL captions selected events for the Significantly Hard of Hearing (SHOH). Check the Season page for the most up-to-date information. Please contact us at This Link Requires Javascript or 206.621.2230 for more information or assistance.

TopHow can I support SAL and its mission?
Click here to find out more about our Friends Program!

TopHow can I keep up to date with SAL?
Click here to join our email list or to be added to our mailing list.

If you don’t see your question listed, please email us!

“Keep up the great work. SAL’s events leave me feeling more stimulated and educated. I always feel like my time has been well spent!”
-- Literary Arts Series Patron