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Isabel Allende
TUE, NOV 28, 2017
Benaroya Hall \ S. Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium Seating Chart

Called "the world's most widely read Spanish language author," Isabel Allende, who was featured in SAL's first season, returns with a new novel to be released in November.

Event Tickets  
Ticket Level Quantity Price Total
Grand PatronReserved box seats. Includes a pre-lecture reception with the speaker.Sold Out 
PatronOpen seating in the front section of the Orchestra level. Includes a pre-lecture reception with the speaker.$60.00 
Founder's TierOpen seating in the Founder's Tier.$45.00 
GeneralOpen seating in the Orchestra level.$35.00 
BalconyOpen seating in the two balcony levels.$20.00 
StudentFull-time students or under 18; ID REQUIRED; open seating in balcony levels.$10.00