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Women You Need to Know: Ijeoma Oluo Women You Need to Know: Ijeoma Oluo THU, JAN 25, 2018, 7:30 PM Benaroya Hall \ Illsley Ball Nordstrom Recital Hall Co-Presented by The Seattle Times  

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“My anger is righteous and true. So is yours. You just have to find it.”—Ijeoma Oluo 

“As much as I’d like you to see me — as much as I’d like systemic racism to simply be a problem of different groups not seeing each other — I need you to see yourself, really see yourself, first. This is the top priority.”—Ijeoma Oluo

“‘Identity Politics’ is now thrown about as an insult at many progressive activists. Critics say that Identity Politics make everything about gender, everything about sexuality, and everything about race. And to this I say: yes, yes, and hell yes.”—Ijeoma Oluo

So You Want to Talk About Race can be purchased at checkout.


Ijeoma Oluo is a Seattle-based author, speaker, active feminist and internet yeller. Oluo embodies a rare ability to be straightforward, funny, and effective in her coverage of sensitive and hyper-charged issues in America.

Named one of the most influential people in Seattle by Seattle Magazine, Oluo’s work focuses primarily on issues of race and identity, feminism, social and mental health, social justice, the arts, and personal essay. Her writing has been featured in NY Magazine, Jezebel, TIME, the Seattle Globalist, the Guardian, among others—her April 2017 interview with Rachel Dolezal for The Stranger, titled “The Heart of Whiteness,” quickly went viral after its publication and was called a “must-read” by TIME. No stranger to SAL events, Oluo has appeared on SAL stages as a Q&A moderator for our 2016/17 Women You Need to Know event with Roxane Gay and as a storyteller in our 2016/17 The Moth MainStage event.

Oluo’s forthcoming book, So You Want to Talk About Race (January 2018), is an accessible and actionable take on the racial landscape in contemporary America, addressing head-on such issues as privilege, police brutality, intersectionality, micro-aggressions, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the “N” word. Perfectly positioned to bridge the gap between people of color and white Americans struggling with race complexities, Oluo answers the questions readers don’t dare ask, and explains the concepts that continue to elude everyday white Americans.

Oluo is the Editor-At-Large of The Establishment, a media platform both run and funded by women, and she is the author of the first and second volumes of The Badass Feminist Coloring Book (2015), featuring celebratory essays on modern-day feminists. She earned her degree in Political Science from Western Washington University in 2007 and is the mother of two boys.

Selected Works:

So You Want to Talk About Race (2018)

“The Heart of Whiteness” (2017) The Stranger
“White People: I want you to understand yourselves better” (2017)The Establishment
“I understand why people believe sexual predators before victims. I did” (2015) – the Guardian