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Thank you for joining us at Words Matter 2017! Thank you for joining us at Words Matter 2017! MAR 24, 2016

The glow from the candles on the table matched the warmth of so many friends – both old and new – gathering to share a belief that words matter, and in these times more than ever.

Together, we celebrated Karen Maeda Allman of Elliott Bay Book Company, and Christine Deaval, John Marshall and Billie Swift of Open Books for their outstanding work supporting readers and writers as the winners of our 2017 Prowda Literary Champion Award. Together, we were moved by WITS student Ashutosh Thapa and his lovely poem, “My Music Brings Joy to the World.”

And together, we raised over $281,000 to inspire and engage readers and writers of all ages. 

From all of us at SAL, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you so much for joining with us for an absolutely amazing evening. And thank you for believing that words – and stories and poems and books – matter. Thank you for fueling inspiration, conversation, and community, allowing us all to grapple with important issues and build our muscles of empathy and delight.

All of us at SAL are so honored and humbled to be part of such an extraordinary community of readers and writers.

Simon Armitage
Poetry Series, British poet Simon Armitage discusses his work with Poetry Series Curator Rebecca Hoogs. Photo by Sheila Addleman
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